Pre-paid Card

We generate pre-paid means with more benefits than the offered in the traditional market.

Advantages for people

Advantages for business

One card only, one million of possibilities

In this solution we developed two categories: reloadable and not reloadable.

Reloadable pre-payment:

One card only, one million of possibilities. It is accepted in any type of commerce, personal I.D. is not required, it does not have limits for money transfers and it can be reloaded online.

Besides, the Company giving this benefit to its collaborators can define the range of use, as well as other necessary restrictions.

Non-reloadable pre-payment:

A solution for businesses that look for security and control over the benefits they are giving their collaborators, as business travel allowances.

It is also good to stimulate the sales forces, give gift cards, create alliances with associated commerce with credit and debit cards administrators of each country, offer closed amounts programs, commission payment or unique salaries to people hired as part-time.

Post-paid Card

Our clients can give this instrument to their collaborators, which allows them to use the card limit in a determined period. Each transaction will be paid in the account until the invoicing of the expenses.


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